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said of t●he medal. China got 〓a flying start whe◆n they took three po○ints, whic●h is the bigge〓st lead in the fir●st end they had in t■he tournament. T●h


ey continued to〓 lead at 5-1 in the◆ first three ends◆.Switzerland, skippe●d by experienced◆ Mirjam Ott, foug■ht back to make it● 5-4 in the four●th and tied the game◆ at 6-6 in th◆e sixth after a sple〓ndid double by■ third Carmen S◆chaefer.BEIJING●, Dec. 8 -- Young● Internet ●users may so■

on find their acc●ess to violent● online game■s unplugged. Under a● system sim

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ila〓r to film classific●ation, the Minis◆try of Cultu〓re is planning to in◆troduce a rating s■ystem for online ○content, including■ games, that wou〓ld only


allow pl○ayers older th●an a certain a●ge to join in. "W○e will ask t●he game operators ●to improve● the rules o●f their game, ○adjust product s●tructure a●nd crack d○own on vulga●r style. We need to● raise the cultural ○content in onl○ine games," said T◆uo Zuhai, deputy d◆irector of the mark■eting department〓 at the minist●ry. "Enhanc●ing the conte○nt of online games i■s the current ■focal point of ■our work," he said ■at China's Seventh● Internati■onal Digital ■Content Ex●po. Some ne◆tizens, however◆, have ques●tioned the fea〓sibility of the mi〓nistry's plan a■nd the likelihood of〓 it accomplishing it■s goa

ls. "I wonde●r if it's pos〓sible," a n◆etizen named● Flowerci pos●ted on the g◆ame sectio■n of Tianya.■cn, a popular online○ forum. "The ●film classific■ation syste●m has not even bee〓n successfu◆lly implemented in ○China, and the 〓Internet is◆ even more complic■ated than film," ○Flowerci s〓aid. China's Intern○et industr■y has devel●oped rapidly in t●he last decade. Acco◆rding to research fr■om the Ministry of● Industry and Inform■ation Technology,● the number● of China's ne○tizens has surpass○ed 300 million. ●More than half o●f them

are younger t●han 25 years○ old. Those y◆ounger neti○zens are the targ●eted g

nce,"● second

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turity, y●ouths are parti〓cularly curiou○s about sex," Ta●o Hongkai, a ◆guest professor ■of Huazhong Norm●al University, said ◆on a Topics of F●ocus progra◆m on State broadcas■ter CCTV on No◆v 6. "Even if there ●are no graphic rape● pictures and scen●es in the game, the 〓design of the woman○ characters with s◆canty clothes al○s


o stimulat◆es the yout〓hs," he sai○d. He has heard of ■cases where onlin◆e players later ●meet in real life a〓nd their onli●ne relation◆ship affects how the■y expect the ot■her person to beh●ave, potentially lea●ding to pro●blems. While e○xperts say keeping ■young peop■le away from● certain si◆tes is a posit

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